Star Red Sox Prospect may have Cancer

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OAKLAND, Calif. - Not long after the Red Sox sent 22-year-old left-hander Jon Lester back to Boston to be evaluated by club medical officials, sources indicated that one of the clubs most promising players is dealing with more than just a bad back.
Among the possibilities: Lester has cancer.
Although Red Sox officials are being extremely tight-lipped about the matter, Lester has been undergoing an array of exams in Boston for internal medical issues, including cancer.

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Very Sad lets hope that this is not true, Prayers for Lester and his Family.

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All prayers are with you, kid! RSN stands united on best wishes for you.

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Having read the article, I'm hoping they are being sensationalist by throwing out the "C" word. As is said, many things can cause enlarged lymph nodes. And hopefully it is one of those.
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I am literally sick to my stomach...let's hope the media is sensationalizing this time....
Prayers for Jon..............
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wow, hope he is okay.

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Let's hope not. If anyone now needs good news it's young Lester and his family.

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I am literally sick to my stomach...let's hope the media is sensationalizing this time....
I'm with you....this is just unbelievable. If the media is sensationalizing this, they should be slapped!
Right now my prayers are for the WHOLE TEAM the way bad luck seems to be following them around.
I will never,ever give up on our beloved Red Sox however!
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Again, I really think that this is dramatic and premature reporting like with Papi.
Enlarged lymph nodes can be caused by so many things, including a simple infection. Cancer can cause the condition, and it would be irresponsible to not check for cancer, however we cannot even begin to assume that this is the case. The fact that it is being presented as such is inappropriate, IMO.
Let's hope for the best and not assume the worst.

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Let's all keep our fingers crossed on this one, dawgs.