REMINDER! Regarding Issues Needing immediate Attention

Rumors ... innuendo ... couch coaching ... and a few spring training games thrown into the mix!
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06 Jan 2007, 15:17 #1

Here at the RR, we try and enjoy that time by dialoging about the trades, would be trades, the "big stories" and even the minutia of the day.
Please RESPECT your fellow posters. It is a great time for discussion. However, If I catch parenting posts or "move this posts I will delete". We all have (had) parents and don't need new ones.
If something needs to be moved ez myself or Patti.
If something is a BIG problem i.e. profanity, flaming, etc, or if you think something is about to ignite a riot-
I have set up a mobile alert for my
[email protected]
YOU MUST HAVE RR in the subject line or it will go to my spam folder.
so if something is a PROBLEM that needs my immediate attention. Go ahead and email me and I will get a text message on my phone.
Otherwise for day to day I prefer that you just ez me here on the board.
You know the drill folks. If you are working hard to get on someone else's nerves you will be doing it somewhere else.
Have fun.
Nudges knock it off. You know who I mean.

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Please note the above posts when issues arise needing immediate attention.
Life will always throw you curves, just keep fouling them off... the right pitch will come, but when it
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